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ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions


Deploying an ERP Solution means choosing your growth platform

Streamline your business with digital, consistent, and intelligent processes. An ERP solution brings together and automates a number of business processes on a single basis with a standardized repository to all operational actors to increase productivity, improve collaboration and enable data-driven decisions.

ERP can be one of the keys to competitiveness

ERP can be one of the keys to competitiveness

Many companies have based their IT on a “Microsoft strategy”, and over the years the “stack” has grown: the Office suite is pretty much a given. Next is ERP in the form of Dynamics NAV – and CRM – for sales, and perhaps marketing automation, customer service and field service.

Compared to this “Microsoft strategy”, Dynamics 365 is considered the next level. A version 2.0., where not only the systems come from Microsoft, but all the functions are brought together on a shared platform and eventually allow data to flow through them.

And that’s precisely Microsoft’s vision behind Dynamics 365: to create a cohesive universe of business systems that connects the entire enterprise, allowing us to harness all the data we collect for greater effect. Data can be kept in one place and anyone can access it.

But that’s not all. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its apps are in the cloud. Instead of having to spend time and energy on servers, everyone can focus on what they do best for the business.


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